Winter Nomads


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Nicolas Rapold(New York Times): What little we learn of Pascal, who has worked in Switzerland taken in the character of a shepherd for more than 30 years, and Carole, who is a prior dietitian, fits in a scene or brace, but their practical journey yields a undoubted contemplative equanimity.
Sheri Linden(Los Angeles Times): An exhilarating vtork by first-timer Manuel von St the documentary follows this seasonal migration, or transhumance, by a sense of quiet awe and closeness, capturing the feel of cold rain, knotty snow and the comforting heat of a campfire.
Michael Nordine(Village Voice): What von St#39;s documentary lacks in human beings it greater quantity than makes up for in snow-covered sheep.
Avi Offer(NYC Movie Guru): Riveting and transfixing. Most that may be liked the closest you'll at all times come to meeting a shepherd and covetous what it's like to have existence one.