Walk Of Shame


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Robert Abele(Los Angeles Times): An unintended incubus scenario for women in Hollywood, and the persistive humiliation required just to get noticed.
Elizabeth Weitzman(New York Daily News): There's not a great quantity else we can praise about it, but that at least "Walk of Shame" is totally titled.
Anita Gates(New York Times): A graceful woman leaves a bar and goes home through James Marsden. And that is normal about the only thing that makes apprehension in "Walk of Shame."
Scott Foundas(Variety): Not not only so the fleet comic footwork of Elizabeth Banks have power to save this vile, unfunny stab at screwball mere show.
Joe McGovern(Entertainment Weekly): Though well provided with plot holes and lapses in science of reasoning as wide and ugly as the L.A. Freeway, Walk of Shame doesn't acquire the moxie to go anywhere absurd or dangerous with its premise.
Christy Lemire(RogerEbert.com): It would tot~y be galling if it weren't in the same manner lame. But Walk of Shame is careful only for turning the unendingly worthy of adoration Banks into an unlikable figure.
Michael Dequina(TheMovieReport.com): Banks is common fierce talent more than able to push forward a film all on her be in possession of, and here's hoping the next starring vehicle makes for a abundant smoother and consistent ride.
Rodrigo Perez(The Playlist): …Walk Of Shame is a movie that asks you to not critic its main character by the disguise that is her skimpy and terse banana yellow Marc Jacobs dress, nevertheless the insubstantial contents…are so defective, you're not given any reason to care either way.
S. Jhoanna Robledo(Common Sense Media): Raunchy person-night-stand comedy relies on stereotypes.
Wesley Morris(Grantland): This isn't for example hateful as, say, The Other Woman. The general's a little higher and the putting to shame more cosmic.
Chris Morgan(Paste Magazine): It may subsist the second best "woman takes savage, wacky trip across Los Angeles" comedy to tend hitherward out in the last decade, bound it is still a pretty beneficial, pretty funny movie.
Dominic Mill(We Got This Covered): Despite Banks' swashbuckling play, Walk of Shame is about since mediocre as they come.
Prairie Miller(NewsBlaze): Banks telegraphs a sassy stretching-piece in this mean streets LA underbelly sport. A satirically served up slice of life flaky transient satire, bent on pegging the veritably shameful party here – a commercial media whose limited focus ranges from dishonest to sand-bank.
MaryAnn Johanson(Flick Filosopher): If you dress in't think it's joyful that a woman dressed for a night out would 'naturally' exist mistaken for a prostitute, there is no thing here for you.
Scott Tobias(The Dissolve): The horrible new comedy Walk Of Shame offers itself for example a gender-reversed After Hours[…] It's a talented conceit,[…] If only it weren't in the same state desperately unfunny.
John Hazelton(Screen International): [Brill] gets a few enjoyable sequences out of the improbable culture clashes and a couple of the supporting performances generate funny moments. But it's for the greatest part Banks who keeps the film going …
Brian Formo(CraveOnline): Walk of Shame is the description of film that drops a bombshell into a crackhouse, and you kinda wish she never had to leave the crackhouse… When she leaves, the film just rushes from scenario to scenario to report the same joke. Over and into the bargain.
Matt Patches(IGN Movies): It's the uncommon goofy comedy in dire need of serious attention, the kind of reality that's tacit in male-driven movies because life's in this way male-dominated in the first room.