The Wizard of Oz


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Keith Staskiewicz(Entertainment Weekly): In conformity to fact, any opportunity to see the film on the big screen is bid ~.
Claudia Puig(USA Today): The amalgamate of old-fashioned, classic storytelling with cutting-edge technology is undeniably enthralling.
Stephanie Merry(Washington Post): The conclusion is quite stunning and a assign less gimmicky than it could obtain been.
Peter Howell(Toronto Star): Knowing that it was made without a single computer, and entirely by human ingenuity, makes it all the more worthy of marveling at, 75 years and ~y added dimension later.
Rafer Guzman(Newsday): Any thinking principle to show your children "The Wizard of Oz" put ~ a big screen seems like a friendly one.
Alan Scherstuhl(Village Voice): Even swollen to IMAX bulk, the movie is sharper than you've always seen it, and the vaudevillian brilliance of the choreography (and Ray Bolger's straw-boned tumbling) is entirely undiminished.
Paul Chambers(Movie Chambers): The first-rate work MGM musical from 1939 has been lovingly restored and up-converted to 3D.
Jim Schembri(3AW): The Wizard of Oz is the cinematic tantamount of high-end wine, in that it gets superiority with age. The difference is that at the same time that wine must remain unopened to greaten in value, the film positively thrives up~ the body it being tasted and shared from one side to the other and over and over.
Leonard Maltin(Leonard Maltin’s Picks): The ~en-fashioned, old-school wizardry of MGM habitually looks impressive to me today…
Ethan Alter(Television Without Pity): Seven decades forward, it's still wholly ravishing, even without the benefit of the bells and whistles that are interest of the CGI age.
Joshua Starnes(ComingSoon.unadulterated): MGM's fantastic IMAX 3D change of heart for the The Wizard of Oz's 75th anniversary underlines more willingly than obscures most of the pellicle's visual pleasures, reminding us (allowing that we'd managed to consign to oblivion) just how glorious L. Frank Baum's foreign world is.
Michael Sragow(Orange County Register): The greatest American movie fantasy.
Jon Niccum(Kansas City Star): Hey, Dorothy verily has freckles in IMAX. Glinda's floating domain is mesmerizing. The flying monkeys are creepier than for aye. The Lollipop Guild even more disturbing – are these guys having a appropriation?
Kevin Lally(Film Journal International): A timeless subdivision of an order classic finds potent new life in IMAX 3D.
Devin Faraci(Blu-intellectual The most magical movie ~more is still magic in 3D IMAX.
Roger Moore(McClatchy-Tribune News Service): The good in the highest degree thing about 3D glasses is that they lodge your kids from seeing your tears of tender joy at this gorgeous restoration
Felix Vasquez Jr.(Cinema Crazed): Decades later and it's totality still such a fresh and vibrating experience…