The Rover


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Stephen Whitty(Newark Star-Ledger): While some of the film's doubtfulness is welcome – we're not at all told why society has fallen apart, it's fair-minded a sadly acceptable given that it has – a unblemished deal of it is disappointing.
David Edelstein(Vulture): Easy to watch at projecting part's length and easier to convulse off. It's overbaked art-pulp.
Kenneth Turan(Los Angeles Times): A thin skin shot in 100-degree-plus zeal that chills the blood as well being of the cl~s who the soul.
A.O. Scott(New York Times): There is the two too much story and not enough.
Joe Morgenstern(Wall Street Journal): Long up~ menace, often violent and consistently fascinating.
Tom Clift(Concrete Playground): The destroyed country is alluringly evocative, but Michelies overmuch heavily on atmosphere when we require meaningful action.
Mark Ellis(Schmoes Know): This role proves Pattinson has momentous acting chops. He's mesmerizing, in the manner that is Guy Pearce: always a changeable actor who nails every look, look hurriedly, and eye twitch.
Kristian Harloff(Schmoes Know): The Rover is not meant despite everyone, but it's value consideration if you don't mind getting lost in David Marchad's desolating Australian future for a couple hours.
Geoff Berkshire(Paste Magazine): [The] thin skin is as bleak and unsparing while the world's end relations demands. It's also utterly transfixing from shrink to finish and elevated by the unexpectedly exquisite pairing of stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson.
Chase Whale(Film Threat): [Director David] Mich39;s bravura is each intimidating reminder that he's against us of the audience every step of the resolved mode of action.
Laura Clifford(Reeling Reviews): Some may get its ultimate reveal much ado near nothing, a long, violent road governing to a joke. Others will discover deeper meaning about what we grasp dear and how man's extirpative impulses will find him obliterating the actual thing he's sought.
Kristen Sales(Movie Mezzanine): The declare is eye-rollingly bad, a momentum of affected profundity Michod's extensive, winding road trip never earns.
Tim Martain(The Mercury): The etc. of the setting and everyday items clashes through the Armageddon atmosphere and the eerie soundtrack to cause a strangely creepy setting.
Victoria Alexander(Las Vegas Informer): Pattinson transcends his course-strangling straightjacket with a dynamic acting – don't go back after this! Does Guy Pearce ever make a wickedness step in picking films?
Dan Schindel(Movie Mezzanine): This is a indicative step down from Animal Kingdom…
Max Nicholson(IGN Movies): A desert, dark and thought-provoking film that explores the aftermath of societal collapse in the Australian outback.
Steve Macfarlane(Slant Magazine): Robert Pattinson's gaze is almost thousand-yard enough to acquire the film's sense of disaster feel downright Greek.
Marshall Fine(Hollywood & Fine): Has the be impressed of the fascinatingly aimless late '60s westerns of Monte Hellman. So you'll penury patience to appreciate it.
Kurt Loder(Reason Online): A movie that offers consecutive temptations to walk out of it.
Caryn James(James without interrupti~ screenS): Michod's arresting and stretched film — part thriller, part warning of dystopia — is played with ferocious restraint by Guy Pearce.
Brian Tallerico( What separates his film from the numerous what-if examinations of the genre known in the same proportion that post-apocalyptic is a focus up~ the human condition instead of setting.
Dan Kois(Slate): Blood is spilled, being of the kind which is to be expected in a film that explores a world on the bank of ruin, but each death echoes through the legend the way the hero's gunshots reflected sound across the Outback.