The Patience Stone


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Tom Long(Detroit News): Directed ~ dint of. Atiq Rahimi and based on his uncommon, "The Patience Stone" speaks ~ the sake of all oppressed women, for all oppressed nation for that matter.
Joe Williams(St. Louis Post-Dispatch): With a thrilling edge, "The Patience Stone" is a roar from behind the veil, where a suffocating woman weaves a starting a~ life of her own design.
Soren Anderson(Seattle Times): The bare room where the husband lies irretrievable becomes a confessional where Farahani pours extinguished the woman's life legend in a performance that grabs you with its quiet yet searing power.
Ty Burr(Boston Globe): A sudden fantasy of Muslim feminist empowerment that allows the Iranian-born actress Golshifteh Farahani to place on what amounts to a single in kind-woman show.
Stephanie Merry(Washington Post): Some movies manifest both immediately transformative – altering how we survey the world as soon as we permission the theater – and long-lasting, demanding days or weeks of consideration.
Steven Rea(Philadelphia Inquirer): [A] quietly fierce condemnation of fundamentalist Muslim the public's treatment of women …
Emma Myers(Film Comment Magazine): The pellicle loses the palpable tension it manages to post up in the beginning
Jamie S. Rich(Oregonian): There are remarkable developments and revelations along the march, and they all eventually dovetail into a beauteous conclusion.
Duane Dudek(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): This visually static and dramatically domestic film by Atiq Rahimi, adapted from his romance, is largely a play about brace people.
Kimberley Jones(Austin Chronicle): There isn't a delusive step from the quietly devastating Farahani; her journey -de-force performance carries the pellicle through its rocky stretches.
Josh Bell(Las Vegas Weekly): Farahani carries the movie nearly single-handedly, and her performance is peculiar.
Todd Jorgenson( Farahani's central entertainment radiates with authenticity.
Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)(St. Paul Pioneer Press): Speaking of long-suffering, it will try yours.
Frank Swietek(One Guy’s Opinion): An intermittently cogent piece, driven by Farahani's nuanced playing, though eventually its verbosity takes a custom.
Hank Sartin( The distinct parts of the woman's life are like a shiver course in the sociology of a rustic living through turmoil …
Robin Clifford(Reeling Reviews): "The Patience Stone" has a female. viewpoint, yes, but it is besides an indictment of a culture that would put down women's rights en whole.
Laura Clifford(Reeling Reviews): If Rahimi begins his film in a room so bare it resembles a elementary corpuscle, he ends it in the selfsame individual like something out of 'Arabian Nights,' his oppressed wife rendered Sheherazade.