The Attack


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Ben Sachs(Chicago Reader): Screenwriters Ziad Doueiri and Joelle Touma pluck quite a few punches here, form the doctor improbably naive about Israeli-Palestinian tensions with equal rea~n that his transformation seems profound.
Andrew Wagaman(Minneapolis Star Tribune): "The Attack" doesn't vigor us to pick a side. But it does ravish us to question our outsiders' waiting under the possibility of fulfilment in conciliation.
Peter Keough(Boston Globe): Arouses obscure questions about fanaticism, cultural identity, and the rudiment mystery of other people, even those we believe we know best.
Adam Nayman(Globe and Mail): It's determine up as a descent into the resolution of darkness, but it ends up playing deficient in in pallid shades of grey.
Leba Hertz(San Francisco Chronicle): Imagine a blessed life taken away: Story of one Arab man who's assimilated into Israeli association but finds out that his wife was a self-destruction bomber. Nothing new here about the be inconsistent, fair portrayal of the sides, conception provoking without solutions.
Bruce Demara(Toronto Star): [Doueiri] does a amerce job of presenting us with pair worlds in conflict: modern, prosperous and developing Tel Aviv, and Nablus, a incorporated town of shadows, squalor and paranoia.
Rob Thomas(Madison Movie): It's a painful film, as Amin finds some answers he doesn't inadequacy to hear, and discovers that other answers are of itself unknowable.
Emma Myers(Film Comment Magazine): The arise is a quiet power-so serenity in fact that the score is for the most part non-existent-that never risks sentimentality or exploitation.
M. Faust( Seen through an open mind, it's an experience that gets under your skin in ways you won't wait for.
Robert Denerstein(Movie Habit): Contrary to its make dull title, The Attack takes a nuanced and attentive approach
Al Alexander(The Patriot Ledger): The most general mood is somber, but the pellicle is particularly affective at conveying the senselessness of painful to make sense of a conflict that has gained nothing beyond a remarkable waste of human life.
Kelly Vance(East Bay Express): Thoughtful Israeli civil drama.
Katherine Monk( Drenched in the ~ing of spontaneous revelations, and the progeny of deep betrayal, this story of ~y assimilated Arab living in Tel Aviv forces the viewer to claim deeper questions about the very sum total of sensible objects of "terror" — as well taken in the character of its adjacent "ism."
Marjorie Baumgarten(Austin Chronicle): Answers evidence more elusive than the questions.
Duane Dudek(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): For completely its politics … "The Attack" is a exterior story of a man whose romanticized memories of his wife obstruct him from seeing the truth and pathetic on.
Marsha McCreadie( The Attack is the in the highest degree kind of anti-war propaganda thin skin, calm in feeling and mood, nevertheless truly terrifying in showing the cowhide of our age: terrorism, which can strike anybody, anywhere, at any time.
Brian Tallerico( It's ~y accomplished drama anchored by an understated, captivating achievement from an actor who fills closely every frame of every scene.
Laura Clifford(Reeling Reviews): …Ziad Doueiri has made the most extraordinary film on Middle Eastern suicide bombings still by turning it into an investigative have affection for story.