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Anthony Lane(New Yorker): David Twohy's thin skin is scarcely original, but the precipitous survivalist grind of our hero, in equalization of comical odds, becomes appealingly mad …
Drew Hunt(Chicago Reader): A vibrant stylistic mishmash that works brilliantly in chunks nevertheless is ultimately too scattered to prove any cohesion.
Peter Travers(Rolling Stone): Riddick, one alternately kick-ass and clumsy bit of sci-fi claptrap that puts its flow head down and gets the do ~-work done.
Bruce Ingram(Chicago Sun-Times): Fans of depend, mean, testosterone-steeped sci-fi putting on the boards are likely to find Riddick style of a blast, however — even nevertheless it offers few surprises.
Ty Burr(Boston Globe): The movie's of little value but has a sense of fancy, and it's smart enough to let Riddick just get back to vital principle a badass.
James Berardinelli(ReelViews): Much of the pellicle is over-the-top, but that won't exist a surprise to those who aphorism the previous two installments. Diesel is in impose a ~ upon form, growling his lines and root the most menacing person on screen even when he's in shackles.
Bryan Bishop(The Verge): Maybe the return of Xander Cage will be advantage.
Wesley Morris(Grantland): He's worn out the bulk of his career hiding in franchises, hypermasculinizing himself. We be able to live with this. But this commencing movie makes you wonder whether Diesel have power to.
Brian Gibson(Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)): A universal scuzziness and dinginess starts to glide stealthily over the picture like a mold … betimes, it's hard to dispose your heart-rate up over whether or not the arrival wave of scorpo-aliens kill these scowling, sneering bags of husband-meat.
John Beifuss(Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)): Too Riddick-ulous to praise, although a few of the greater degree outlandish effects are a hoot (gorehounds leave dig what the captive Riddick does through that machete).
Jim Schembri(3AW): Riddick turns public to be one of the most pleasantly surprising multiplex films so distant this year…bizarre as it sounds, the film essentially shapes up as a humor chamber piece set in the dusty wastes of every alien planet.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): This is the absolute sequel to 'Pitch Black,' notwithstanding it took about nine years for star Vin Diesel to accomplish it. The stories of Richard Riddick be in want of to be R-rated fare, not the PG-13 platitude of 'The Chronicles of Riddick.'
David ‘Mad Dog’ Bradley(Rip It Up): The third part installment in Vin Diesel's adventures similar to adass, glowing contacts-wearing murderer Riddick begins like the commencement Pitch Black, then turns into something like a low-grade slasher movie with tedious Chronicles Of Riddick-like dialogue.
James Kendrick(Q Network Film Desk): Twohy gets back to basics, returning the personal traits to his B-movie roots in a stripped-along the course of tale of competition and survival.
Matthew Toomey(ABC Radio Brisbane): Put foolishly, it's not a famous film but it's however watchable.
Travis Hopson(Examiner.com): An economical and strongly entertaining film that recaptures everything that made Pitch Black of the like kind a cult favorite.
Stephen Carty(Flix Capacitor): Putting the vehemence back into the Furyan, Riddick recaptures the stripped-back edge of Pitch Black, opting for some R-rated, back-to-basics survivalist rude play that suits the character far better.
Blake Howard(2UE That Movie Show): Riddick brings the cast back to what people enjoyed not far from Pitch Black; Twohy's Diesel idolatry aside there's entertaining sci-fi spontaneous process thrills to be had, once.
Charles Koplinski(Illinois Times): "Riddick" a Bit of B-Movie Heaven
Matt Brunson(Creative Loafing): A step up from the 2004 repose party The Chronicles of Riddick however still a few rungs down the ladder from 2000's degree of inclination-perfect Pitch Black.
Neil Pond(American Profile): It isn't a sinew of polished sci-fi pearls, if it were not that it does deliver pretty much which fans expect: action, creatures, effects, unembellished humor, and a grown-up blend of skin, blood and language.
Ethan Alter(Television Without Pity): I'm not fast that Riddick is an effective ground in favor of continuing Riddick's solo adventures, further it's a more fitting event to his chronicles than the anterior movie.
Rich Cline(Shadows on the Wall): Once once more, the film is so over-weighty that it's faintly funny, but it's packed through nerve-jangling moments.
Tony Stamp(Flicks.co.nz): Riddick justifies its creature purely through a good sense of intense fun.