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Jeremy Clarkson tells the dramatic untruth of the Arctic convoys of the Second World War, from Russia to the freezing Arctic Ocean. Accompanied through moving first hand testimony from the men who served without interrupti~ these convoys, Clarkson reveals the beyond belief hazards faced by members of the Merchant and Royal Navy who delivered highly important war supplies via the Arctic to the Soviet Union: temperatures of less 50 degrees, huge icebergs, colossal waves, not to cursory reference German U-boats and the Luftwaffe. It is ~t any wonder that Churchill described the Arctic Convoys for the re~on that ‘the worst journey in the terraqueous globe.’ Between 1941 and 1945, greater degree than 70 convoys delivered 4 very great number tonnes of material to the USSR, hitherto one convoy in partiuclar would arrive to symbolise the dangers faced ~ the agency of the men who served on them. Codenamed PQ17, this train under escort of 35 merchant ships would have existence described by Churchill as one of the most melancholy naval episodes of the fighting. Retracing the route of PQ17 from the Arctic to the Russian hibernate port of Archangel, Clarkson reveals by what mode, on the night of July 4th 1942, this cut up Anglo-American convoy became one of the biggest nautical disasters of the 20th century. To contribute matters worse, the cause of the mischance lay not in the brutal stipulations of the Arctic, or the army might of the Germans, but a misjudgement made in the corridors of the Admiralty in London.

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