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Richard Brody(New Yorker): Lapid's workmanlike direction illustrates his airless script efficiently, and at a past period engagingly, but unimaginatively. He has something to ~ing; he shows very little.
Manohla Dargis(New York Times): Mr. Lapid, construction an electrifying feature directing debut, traces the line between the group and the individual in a relation that can be read as a commentary ~ward the world as much as attached Israel.
Todd McCarthy(Hollywood Reporter): A boldly conceived and bracingly told national drama.
Michael Nordine(Village Voice): Nadav Lapid's Policeman deftly examines the material and spiritual fallout of ideology bending course into action.
Alissa Simon(Variety): Fascinating still uneven.
David Jenkins(Time Out): The film asks if we really know our arch-fiend. and it's an model that's hit home with force in the deeply troubling definitive shot.
Godfrey Cheshire(RogerEbert.com): Obviously, this information engages many hot-button issues in at hand-day Israel. But does it recite anything particularly incisive or meaningful around their complexity?
Mike Goodridge(Screen International): Policeman is a industrious debut from young Israeli film-composer Nadav Lapid which packs quite a pierce.
Mike D’Angelo(The Dissolve): Lapid's understanding of rhythm is as clunky in the same manner with his compositions… [Policeman] perversely ends at the close moment that it finally gets engaging.
Nick Schager(Slant Magazine): Israel's fractured psyche is plumbed via narrative splintering in Policeman, Nadav Lapid's compelling dramatic literature about his homeland's burgeoning neighborly unrest.
Nicolas Rapold(Film Comment Magazine): Yet from the dispose-go an ambient unease has been built into the film's thoughtful cutting and framing, besides Antonioni than Haneke.
Aaron Yap(Flicks.co.nz): Lands a paunch-punch once their paths intersect in the riveting acme.
Kent Turner(Film-Forward.com): Director Nadav Lapid, in his feature debut, over-emphasizes the rituals of machismo, from the back slapping (beat, thump, thump) to the fetishizing of guns that carries over the entire pellicle.