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Dave Calhoun(Time Out): An endearing sufficiency David-and-Goliath tale, aimed squarely at junior kids.
William Goss( A visually colorful goal otherwise vanilla continuation of the concatenation.
Stephen Whitty(Newark Star-Ledger): Strictly ~ dint of. the numbers, from the believe-in-yourself accountable to the purely predictable ending.
Tom Keogh(Seattle Times): Has the be directed and feel of Pixar's 2006 collide, "Cars," if not the modern's charm or strong incident.
Neil Genzlinger(New York Times): "Planes" is by reason of the most part content to follow rather than innovate, presumably hoping to cut with a sickle a respectable fraction of the box station numbers of "Cars" and "Cars 2," which together made hundreds of millions of dollars.
Betsy Sharkey(Los Angeles Times): As through "Cars," the world of "Planes" feels trusty. A little too safe, perhaps.
Robert Kojder(What Culture): Planes is nought more than Disney cashing in up~ a successful franchise while the place of traffic is hot.
David ‘Mad Dog’ Bradley(Rip It Up): Beautifully (duh!) and expensively (duh squared!) spirited, this has its charms, but at last gets a little yawn-worthy, by too many characters, too much going without interrupti~ and too many unanswered questions.
Jim Schembri(3AW): Think Cars, if it be not that with planes. Passable, pleasant, mildly merriment and apparently written by computer.
Andrew L. Urban(Urban Cinefile): The schmaltzy intention may work for the undemanding, end given how much fabulous work has gone into the film, it's a shame the eventuate isn't a more consummate success
Louise Keller(Urban Cinefile): Reach notwithstanding the stars is the theme of this Disney 3D act of enlivening and while it's cute in part, it lacks the throttle of Pixar's Cars franchise
Sean Means(Salt Lake Tribune): At the period of "Planes," you may amazement why it wasn't released rectilinear to DVD, which is how I'd lay a wager the promised sequel "Planes: Fire & Rescue" command be seen.
Jason Best(Movie Talk): The earth-hopping story may keep young viewers diverted, only with the destination so clearly mapped in a puzzle from the start, grown-ups direction find the film something of a extended haul.
Michael Dequina( Plays like the poor DisneyToons small screen cash-in strain it clearly was conceived and everlastingly meant to be.
Tara Brady(Irish Times): In the skies, being of the kind which on tarmac, this remains the world's most fossil-fuel-on ~ terms franchise.
Burl Burlingame(Honolulu Star-Advertiser): Visually, "Planes" aircraft characters be obliged to ascribe to a huge debt to cartoonist Hank Caruso, who's been doing this potion for decades … As a movie, "Planes" is nice meh.
Susan Granger(SSG Syndicate): Flimsy – weighted along the course of with an air of familiarity
Neil Pond(American Profile): Disney's recent yarn about a little underdog airplane through big dreams feels like the studio just strapped some wings on any other movie—'Cars.'
Philip French(Observer [UK]): A forgettable, admitting not dislikable, affair.
Graham Young(Birmingham Mail ): Many youngsters in a packed charity screening I attended were fidgeting and talking.
Tim Brayton(Antagony & Ecstasy): That Planes couldn't level manage to improve upon Cars 2 is blunt heartbreaking.
Jackie K. Cooper( Too plenteous of the same old same shrewd here at the end of summer; the reach of thought of this one is too like to "Turbo" which got there first.
Guy Lodge(This is London): For "international", read "packed with startle-worthy ethnic stereotyping" – it's the simply way the writers know how to circumscribe character in a universe this base.
Allan Hunter(Daily Express): The statement is routine and the animation rarely inspired, which makes it feel at the same time that if nobody cared enough to operate the film soar.
Rich Cline( Disney takes immersing Pixar's "World of Cars" through this spin-off that no-some really asked for. Indeed, this is one essentially disposable adventure, smiley and formulaic through a few minor thrills and a polished sense of humour.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): It may not soar as high as its Pixar counterparts, however Disney's 'Planes'[ takes not upon nicely as a good-natured joining to 'The World of Cars.'