Machete Kills


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David Hiltbrand(Philadelphia Inquirer): Machete Kills is a thin skin in which style sardonically routs essential nature, a cloying gag built around the iconic quality of Trejo's matchlessly rugged face, which resembles a plate of sundried corned flesh of neat-cattle.
James Berardinelli(ReelViews): Machete Kills plays like a joke that's been told a hardly any times too often.
Joe Williams(St. Louis Post-Dispatch): When a distinction chef like Rodriguez is just going end the motions, we can smell that the grindhouse fad is method past its expiration date. It's time to state in language a fork in it.
Adam Graham(Detroit News): "Machete Kills" is only a movie. It's some inside joke wrapped in a fanboy fantasy, pieced together through a haze of ironic detachment.
Stephen Whitty(Newark Star-Ledger): Endless storm weapons, exploding helicopters, crashing cars and floors splattered by blood, limbs and entrails, all adding up to no degree.
Dave McGinn(Globe and Mail): Machete kills, ~ly. Unfortunately, he overkills.
Stephen Carty(Flix Capacitor): Machete slip on't do new jokes.
Brian D. Johnson(Maclean’s Magazine): The meta ludicrous imitation of Machete Kills is a self-congratulating lesson in overkill. Its onslaught of gags try in the way that hard to be outrageous they grow banal. It looks like it was usage more fun to make than to watch.
David Edwards(Daily Record [UK]): If bagatelle else, Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse deference manages the herculean feat of formation us feel sorry for Mel Gibson.
J.C. Ma III(PopMatters): 'Machete Kills' is 'Spy Kids' Meets 'Moonraker'… with Blood. Machete Cortez is back… and such over-the-top, he literally floats gone.
Damien Straker(Impulse Gamer): An unbounded bore.
Sam Bathe(Fan The Fire): Guns and explosions aren't that exciting at the time that the plot hasn't sucked you in, and lacking the esemplastic, spunky spirit of the original, Machete Kills precisely feels so much more laboured.
Matt Prigge(Metro): It's a debatable gig that may become an endearing single in kind by 'Machete X: Machete Goes Hawaii.'
Jim Schembri(3AW): Loud, pleasantry, ultra-violent sequel to Machete, with unsmiling crater-faced Danny Trejo because the Mexican hero slashing and slaughtering his habitude to justice. Director Robert Rodriguez does which all good, trashy sequels do, that is to deliver more of the similar.
David ‘Mad Dog’ Bradley(Rip It Up): Multi-tasker Robert Rodriguez sequelises his Machete, originally a quirk trailer in Grindhouse, and manages undivided of his most messy and (equable for this sort of nonsense) ludicrous efforts.
John Beifuss(Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)): Uncompromised in its goofy cartoon apparition of an insane world that doesn't accomplish it's reached a declare of post-apocalypse, even though the bombs be favored with yet to fall.
Tim Martain(The Mercury): Machete don't text, but he does appear to be to have jumped a shark. The in the beginning film was great fun, but Machete Kills seems to be under the necessity misunderstood its own joke.
Jeffrey M. Anderson(Common Sense Media): Machete was arguably Rodriguez's in the highest degree movie, but MACHETE KILLS — while subdue passable — comes nowhere close.
Jackie K. Cooper( Over the meridian in every area and making true actors look bad at every change the direction of.
Paul Chambers(Movie Chambers): "Machete" was merriment. "Machete Kills" gives me a cephalalgy.
Simon Miraudo(Quickflix): The market has well and without equivocation rejected the Machete franchise, as grant that it were salted toothpaste or coldness-flavoured soda.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): For those who enjoyed the surprise TV accord with 'Sharknado' this summer and/or the original 'Machete,' here's 'Machete Kills,' a travesty of old-time drive-in and in the main sleazy movies that's a succeeding part to 'Machete' from a not many years back.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): An visible improvement over its virtually unwatchable forefather…
Rich Cline(Shadows on the Wall): The thin skin is often very funny, even admitting the pacing is extremely slack, atrophy far too much time with pointless exposition and misogynistic smirking.
Susan Granger(SSG Syndicate): Trivial and monotonous…enough already!
Ken Hanke(Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)): If you liked the elementary film, chances are you'll be seized of a good time with this some. (If you sit through the starting a~ Romeo & Juliet remake, it's graceful to mistake Machete Kills for power of invention.)