Labor Day


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Cath Clarke(Time Out): If you be delivered of even the tiniest cynical bone in your body, avoid. You'll find Labor Day else sugary than a cronut.
Dana Stevens(Slate): Jason Reitman forgot the purified cassava.
James Berardinelli(ReelViews): "Labor" isn't suitable a word in the title of Jason Reitman's just discovered film, it's a report of what it feels like to abide through the movie.
Christopher Orr(The Atlantic): The fiction unfolds with an earnestness so inexorable that on the rare occasions at the time that a bit of humor sneaks into the proceedings it feels like every uninvited party guest.
Peter Rainer(Christian Science Monitor): Engagingly weak.
Peter Travers(Rolling Stone): Nothing facing Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin and boss Jason Reitman – top talents all – excepting my goodwill drowned while trying to throat this treacly cocktail of romantic large drams.
Noah Gittell(Movie Mezzanine): It dares to disagree from the current culture of cinema ~ means of opting for a small scale, one open heart, and a sincere weal in the lives of small-thorp Americans.
Brad Keefe(Columbus Alive): It's a decency, particularly, that the talent of Winslet is wasted in the present life. Her presence should have been the transformative determining element, but she can't patch the holes in the story.
Jonathan Romney(Observer [UK]): The at the head Hitchcockian tension soon slackens into slop, with a dash of lukewarm eroticism.
Jason Best(Movie Talk): Teeters attached the brink of self-parody.
Paul Whittington(Irish Independent): Labor Day is a humourless and heavy-handed melodrama built around an extremely improbable romance.
Tara Brady(Irish Times): The fiction is ludicrous. The reveals are unintentionally in high spirits and clumsily delivered. Even the prolongation design is off.
David Sexton(This is London): The actually baffling thing is that this clunker has been written, directed and produced through Jason Reitman, whose previous movies hold Juno and Up in the Air. What was he judgment?
Rich Cline( With some of Kate Winslet's greatest in quantity layered, resonant performances, this film is definitely integrity a look, even though the clement filmmaking style pushes it perilously close to Nicholas Sparks-style sappiness.
Mark Adams(Daily Mirror [UK]): See [Winslet's] remembrance on the opening credits and it's a serious bet that what's to follow will be a classy, high-end prolongation.
Brian Viner(Daily Mail [UK]): There is of the same kind with much to scoff at as there is to be scoffed in Labor Day, and however I quite liked it.
Dan Jolin(Empire Magazine): A touching, nostalgic and warm 'family' play which also quietly seethes with the menace and tension of imminent danger. Labor Day shows a fresh side to Jason Reitman as a filmmaker, and we like it.
Peter Bradshaw(Guardian [UK]): Labor Day lacks this thin skin-maker's usual sophisticated thinking principle: it is bizarrely unconvincing, sugary and humourless, like a Walt Disney reading of The Night of the Hunter.
Nigel Andrews(Financial Times): May be appropriate to a candidate for camp mini-model production status.
Henry Fitzherbert(Daily Express): Go through the flow and give in, like Adele herself, and you ability be genuinely moved.
Oliver Lyttelton(Little White Lies): Director Jason Reitman comes a-cropper with this unconvincing Southern melodrama starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin.
Matthew Turner(ViewLondon): An emotionally engaging and suspenseful blend of thriller, lie and coming-of-age story by a strong script and a trio of terrific performances from Winslet, Brolin and newcomer Gattlin Griffith.
Tim Evans(Sky Movies): Even suppose that it's not what you await from the director of Juno, in that place is much to enjoy in the truly-detailed performances. Labor Day is anything end hard work.
Robbie Collin(Daily Telegraph): You wish that Reitman had brought the corporeal under control – or better yet, allow its cheap manipulations and gushy eroticism break through riot.
Stella Papamichael(Digital Spy): Despite acquirement a critical hammering in the States, it turns on the ~side that romantic drama Labor Day isn't completely that bad.