Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa


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J. R. Jones(Chicago Reader): Onlookers at times glance into the camera, a moderately good sign that people are haunch to these prankster movies now and due play along.
Dave McGinn(Globe and Mail): It's been 11 years subsequently to Jackass: The Movie, and three since Jackass 3D, although it feels a parcel longer than that.
Linda Barnard(Toronto Star): Like the quick~-green bingo dabber contents Irving drinks etc. to the horror of his seatmates, it's ~y acquired taste.
Peter Travers(Rolling Stone): It's not truly a movie. It's Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass crew faking lacking real people into believing he's 86-year-going to decay Irving Zisman, an old fart pouch traveling cross-country.
Stephen Whitty(Newark Star-Ledger): Sometimes gladness buzzers – and pratfalls, and funny costumes – are in truth all you need for a laughter or two. Or even a three-star comedy.
Sam Adams(Time Out New York): Apart from a maniple of physical stunts and the penultimate biker-fasten with a ~ setup, Knoxville never puts himself at endanger, and the imbalance of power curdles the authoritative to laugh at the rubes.
MaryAnn Johanson(Flick Filosopher): An unfunny 'comedy' abounding of cheap crudity and punches into disgrace at targets who don't deserve it. For some movies there should exist hazard pay.
James Kendrick(Q Network Film Desk): It's scurrilous and filthy but only occasionally comical.
Brian Gibson(Vue Weekly (Edmonton, Canada)): Stuffs masculine jackassery into a paper-thin pi of a contrived devise, then blindly bashes us over the section, again and again, with a stop marked 'SEE WHAT AN OLD MAN AND A YOUNG BOY CAN GET AWAY WITH!'
Wesley Morris(Grantland): The wrongs collect up, and there's a manifest object of satire. That feels just discovered for the Jackass experience: a mark that isn't a corner. I'd like to look Irv try to strike again by braver gags.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): …in the end just another misguided effort from Knoxville and his gang of pranksters.
Tim Martain(The Mercury): Less boisterous and less mean-spirited than Jackass, Bad Grandpa is a sportive little diversion and that's hind part before it, but that's okay.
Jim Schembri(3AW): Lewd, rude, tasteless…It's when Irving dresses Billy up considered in the state of a girl in a kids attractiveness pageant that things get crazy. It's the same of those moments, folks, where the angels of moral works taste and decorum desert you and you catch yourself laughing like an idiot.
Luke Buckmaster(Crikey): In this sporadically gay off-colour comedy, stupid, misogynistic America is skewered through a paradoxical creation: an actor young and mindness enough to raise hell and a reputation old enough to know better.
Liam Maguren(Flicks.co.nz): You'll cough gone ~ some second-hand chuckles reliving the second Irving Pic-ass-o'ed the wall.
Blake Howard(2UE That Movie Show): Bad Grandpa is to Jackass that which Borat is to Ali G. The keck is far less about Irving and his grandson; it's relishing in how they antagonise and embarrass their unwilling support cast. It's young, it's ridiculous but I laughed, a haphazard.
Andy Lea(Daily Star): This really is a movie full of gags. And not entirely in a precious way.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): 'Bad Grandpa' made me laugh more than it didn't, ~-end I still missed the antics ~ dint of. the rest of the 'Jackass' crew in this R-rated road skip.
Adam Ross(The Aristocrat): I can't imagine anyone going into this thin skin expecting Mrs. Doubtfire…
Matt Neal(Birmingham Mail ): There is somebody really unsettling and weird about this, and I'm not talking well-nigh when the kid does a hilariously iniquity striptease to Warrant's Cherry Pie at a loveliness pageant.
Ed Whitfield(The Ooh Tray): In 92 minutes I laughed two times. Once at the sight of Knoxville's geriatric essence folded on a faulty bed and one time on learning that Spike Jonze was constituent of the brain trust responsible in the place of the alleged screenplay.
Jeffrey M. Anderson(Common Sense Media): After a time, the characters set off to bond with one another and figure a genuinely likeable team.
Rich Cline(Shadows steady the Wall): It's sporadically gay, with some inspired gags and deranged pranks, only for a Jackass movie, this is strangely gentle and sometimes even sentimental.