I, Frankenstein


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Ben Sachs(Chicago Reader): This novel premise quickly gives way to lots of chaotic action, though there are numerous accidental pleasures throughout.
James Berardinelli(ReelViews): It's none fun. Everyone takes this way overmuch seriously.
Rafer Guzman(Newsday): What the pellicle doesn't have is a consciousness of humor.
David Hiltbrand(Philadelphia Inquirer): The uncommon effects are pretty good and the draw the sword scenes are adequate. But the pellicle loses steam in the fourth act …
Tom Russo(Boston Globe): Stitches up Aaron Eckhart's chiseled stand over against like a baseball cover, sticks him in a hoodie, and promptly crashes, thanks to a complete inability to counteract awful, overdone dialogue and faux-exalted exposition.
Nicolas Rapold(New York Times): There are more clean, comic-book compositions and clever architectural interlacing, but the blinkered screenplay and inattentive performances fail to lift the eschatology and self-keen off the page.
Jason Best(Movie Talk): Humanity's destiny hangs in the balance, but it's close to work up much excitement against the routine CGI-boosted battles between good and evil forces, or towards the less than sparky rapport betwixt Eckhart's Monster and Strahovski's lissome blonde scientist.
Bill Clark(Film School Rejects): I, Frankenstein leaves itself open to be franchised, only the chances of that happening are like to Eckhart putting this film at the utmost height of his resume.
Jeff Beck(Examiner.com): Even the ut~ avid action junkies would have a unsympathetic time not rolling their eyes at the blandness of it completely.
Jim Schembri(3AW): If a worse workshop film comes out this year, we're in not high trouble, people. This film is with equal rea~n bad it will hurt your brain. And equable if you leave your brain at home, your spinal round pillar will still object…[a] godawful, insufficient-brained mess of a movie.
Evan Williams(The Australian): I, Frankenstein, with its monster reinvented as a superhero, is a fairly predictable representing movie. Shelley would not have approved.
Jake Wilson(Sydney Morning Herald): Only in casual, uncanny moments – when someone uses every iPhone, or gets off a tram – does this cosmos appear to intersect in any high~ with our own.
Simon Weaving(Screenwize): Mary Shelley's words come to mind: "Oh, for what cause did you create me!"
Margaret Pomeranz(At the Movies (Australia)): It is disappointing and you assume a manner at all the talent that's gone into it. I was positively underwhelmed by Strahovski's playing, I must say.
David Stratton(At the Movies (Australia)): The large battles are confusingly handled and the actors aren't given divers opportunities given the dialogue they're catachrestic to speak.
Glenn Dunks(Quickflix): Devoid of any appeal that isn't concentrated round star Aaron Eckhart's impeccably-sculpted muscles, this effects-laden lump of cinematic coal is similar to nonsensical and ill-conceived as it is boring.
Tom Glasson(Concrete Playground): An sprightly corpse of a film about a reanimated individual.
Damien Straker(Impulse Gamer): There are a division of people local and abroad liable for this dismal film.
Andrew Osmond(SFX Magazine): The ultimate thing this film wants to perform is make a believable world.
Steve Newall(Flicks.co.nz): Ay-yi-yi, Frankenstein.
Jackie K. Cooper(jackiekcooper.com): Aaron Eckhart tries his most expedient. see the various meanings of good but he can't whisper life into this monster of a movie.
Perry Seibert(TV Guide’s Movie Guide): I, Frankenstein doesn't require much of a brain and is completely missing a funny bone.
Tasha Robinson(The Dissolve): I, Frankenstein looks suspiciously like it was conceived further as a ready-made franchise property than similar to a strong individual story.
Margot Harrison(Seven Days): No originator's spark of inspired mental aberration arrives to bring this dead hunch of commercial clichalive.
Eric D. Snider(EricDSnider.com): The pellicle isn't campy enough to be fun or smart enough to have ~ing good, but it passes by post-haste and without doing any serious injury to the viewer.