Gimme Shelter


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Ben Sachs(Chicago Reader): What productions is a poor man's Precious, by all the earlier film's avail-for-broke melodrama but none of its weirdness or empathy for the impoverished.
Christy Lemire( An subsequently-school special blown up on the bulky screen, it stridently aims to fill with supernatural knowledge you. More likely, it'll move you cringe.
Rex Reed(New York Observer): It is the galvanizing urge of Vanessa Hudgens who catapults Gimme Shelter above the heartbreaking etc. of soap opera with a lancing event.
Ronnie Scheib(Variety): The film is hamstrung by its fidelity to real-life inspirational models.
Connie Ogle(Miami Herald): A predictable account of redemption that happens awfully fleet, to a girl who only seems to subsist in peril briefly – and has a costly dad to bail her out.
Tirdad Derakhshani(Philadelphia Inquirer): A gratified-smiley Christian fairy tale disguised because a hard-hitting shard of genial realism.
Brad Keefe(Columbus Alive): It's the ~-hearted of movie that touts itself being of the cl~s who 'inspirational,' and it feels like a made-in the place of-TV melodrama.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): Vanessa Hudgens proves that she's a inconstant, grown-up performer in 'Gimme Shelter,' one unsettling look at a pregnant teenager who seems to accept nowhere to run.
Keith Phipps(The Dissolve): There's a total [other] film to be made […]-common driven less by hysterics and villainous source figures, and more by examples of in what way charity and compassion can turn dead ends into doorways-limit Gimme Shelter doesn't look to want to make it.
Todd Jorgenson( For all of its heavy-handed huffing and boasting, the low-budget drama doesn't receive much meat to its message.
S. Jhoanna Robledo(Common Sense Media): Abuse and teen pregnancy are themes in flawed tribe drama.
Steve Persall(Tampa Bay Times): … a meatier role than Hudgens' chops be able to chew but she's constantly watchable, grievous too hard to keep it positive.
Michael Sragow(Orange County Register): The resolution is awkward, hyped propaganda for doctrines-based initiatives and against abortion.
Cary Darling(Fort Worth Star-Telegram/ Hudgens captures the two the defiance and fear of a maid at this crossroads. Her performance elevates the sort of's often a trite and ponderous-handed script.
Mark Ellis(Schmoes Know): It's not the easiest film to watch, and if it wasn't based in successi~ a true story than much of the settlement-making would be too infuriating to indulge but Vanessa Hudgens in a breakthrough role based on real events was enough to prepare me.
Kristian Harloff(Schmoes Know): I dare I would've rather seen this depicted a 5-exact feature on a newscast than to stretch it out over a feature thin skin.
Witney Seibold(CraveOnline): Gimme Shelter plays like a particularly slick and somewhat natural version of a distinctly average PAX TV after-school e~ about teen pregnancy.
Kenneth R. Morefield(Christianity Today): Although the thin skin has a strong pro-life intimation, it doesn't reduce Christian confidence or social justice to just that any issue.
Nell Minow(Beliefnet): An impressive drama that shows us the resilience and heroism of girls who have to learn same quickly to be the loving parents they not had.
Sandy Schaefer(ScreenRant): Gimme Shelter feels like the eventual result of a C-grade manager having watched Precious and deciding that he could practise better.
Kevin Carr(7M Pictures): The movie plays too much with extremes. The opening is needlessly flimsy. This leads to an ending that plays at a loss needlessly schmaltzy and corny.
Kelly Vance(East Bay Express): Overcome its obstacles in the simplest, ~ly effective way of all, with classic melodramatic role-playing.
Matt Prigge(Metro): [Hudgens is] more shrill than gritty, and one takes commiseration on an actor trying very, exceedingly, very hard to prove that she can do more than smirk and/or be consumed by slow degrees bikinis.
Bilge Ebiri(Vulture): The gracious of film that outfits a potentially compelling invention with politically convenient signposts – not notion that sometimes, getting out of the device of a good tale is the most wise kind of polemical strategy.