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Joe Williams(St. Louis Post-Dispatch): Ernest learns to receive, Celestine learns to a paint – and the congregation learns that in a Disney-dominated marketplace, kids are continually free to choose their own mini catch mice.
Colin Covert(Minneapolis Star Tribune): The improbable cross-species friendship of Celestine the catch mice and Ernest the bear teaches a dove-like lesson about irrational intolerance in this French brisk charmer.
Bill Goodykoontz(Arizona Republic): "Ernest & Celestine" draws up~ the body plenty of classics, animated and other causes, for inspiration, but the film manages to have existence delightful on its own offbeat stipulations.
Steven Rea(Philadelphia Inquirer): Ernest & Celestine is a unaffected charmer for kids, and for the kind units tagging alongside.
Claudia Puig(USA Today): A dulcet-natured tale of an unlikely fondness between a burly bear and a courageous mouse. It's also decidedly offbeat through an emphasis on animal dentistry.
Tom Keogh(Seattle Times): A joyous rediscovery of hand-drawn animation, wholly witty and expressive lines, spare backgrounds and shining, watery hues.
Philippa Hawker(Sydney Morning Herald): From its vacancy credits, [it] proclaims its hand-drawn, slender, watercolour aesthetic. But it's not aggregate sweetness and light: there's a ignorant strand of humour and some insidious visual gags in this clever tale of opposites.
Eddie Cockrell(The Australian): Two styles combine to create a world at formerly impressionistic and lived in, infused with the kind of warm glow that emanates from a cosy fireplace.
Rob Humanick(Projection Booth): Were the film made 30 years ago, it would have existence the kind many families would regard worn thin from endless VHS repeats. I have power to't wait to watch it another time.
Dustin Putman( [Blu-beam Review] "Ernest & Celestine" be disposed bewitch children and grown-ups form, a none-too-soon respite from the typically louder, busier brisk features Hollywood tends to produce. This Blu-beam release is excellent on every direct. Buy it.
Jeff Beck( Its undesigning themes of friendship and looking at someone greater degree of than skin-deep provide a stout backbone for a story that is entertaining and heartwarming at the same time, make this a rare animated treat that is in addition than just goofy fun.
Donald Munro(Fresno Bee): It glows with a childlike innocence but never grinds into the viscous-slapstick sentiment that marks so a great quantity of today's coldly calculated jocund family offerings.
Mike Scott(Times-Picayune): It doesn't spring with the words 'once on the subject of a time,' but it in truth should. It's just that storybook-agreeable, that gentle, that comforting of a film.
Louise Keller(Urban Cinefile): The attractiveness of this adaptation of Belgian originator and illustrator Gabrielle Vincent's characters is its move aside. simplicity and sincerity.
Ken Hanke(Mountain Xpress (Asheville, NC)): Contains not person speck of the post-modern snark that has plagued brisk movies for over a decade. It has nay interest in being 'with it.'
Clint O’Connor(Cleveland Plain Dealer): Completely enrapturing with a retro storybook look.
Bob Bloom(Journal and Courier (Lafayette, IN)): The pellicle's main message is that intimacy knows no bounds and that once one sees behind preconceived notions, a just discovered world of possibilities can bloom.
Walter Chaw(Film Freak Central): absolutely fine and entirely likeable
Josh Larsen(LarsenOnFilm): …has a invigorating lightness that's rare in animation these days.
Chris Sawin( Ernest & Celestine is a magnificent, creative, and visionary piece of moil that is heartwarming, magical, and precisely a fantastic cinematic journey that direction be forever timeless.
Jean Lowerison( One of the most charming animated films ever made.
Kelly Vance(East Bay Express): Delightful adroitness and a cute story of inter-species co-existence.
Matt Pais(RedEye): Sets up a antecedent, pops in a couple of lovable moments and hits cruise control. It's not at all as cute as it wants to exist .