Brick Mansions


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Trevor Johnston(Time Out): Follows the fen-standard formula perfected by Besson: combining functional storylining through competent action highlights and an occasional air of whimsy.
Claudia Puig(USA Today): It's pleasantry to see Walker do a double take at a hazardous move of Belle's and afterward find a less risky alternative. The two seem like they're having a dexterous time in this buddy action movie. It seems a fitting curtain invoke for a likable actor gone over soon.
Chris Klimek(Village Voice): Almost not at all one in this film is allowed to put down to their strengths.
David Edelstein(Vulture): It should subsist wilder, funnier, nuttier.
Liam Lacey(Globe and Mail): Brick Mansions is a non-starter: It chokes up~ the body its d vu, the hyperactive Mixmaster editing is exhausting and the characters' ridicule is so leaden it might profane federal emission standards.
Adam Graham(Detroit News): Director Camille Delamarre does a plashy job of piecing everything together, and not any one on screen seems invested in what is going on. The feeling from the assembly of hearers is mutual.
Jeff Vice(Cinephiled): "Frankly, in that place are a lot of actors who gain a lot of worse 'hindmost films' on their credits."
Kelly Vance(East Bay Express): Routine all the way, although Belle's moves are thrilling to watch.
Hilary A White(Irish Independent): Steer well free.
Jamie Graham(Total Film): Favouring vital power over originality, this needless remake of District 13 comes with fleet-footed sequences but plenty of stumbles, and strains in great part too hard to be 'calm'.
Mark Kermode(Observer [UK]): It's densely unsurprising (and often quite boring) generic charge , spiced up with steroidal pectorals and fetishy catfights.
Jason Best(Movie Talk): Watching Belle play his gravity-defying leaps and bounds is after what is stated exhilarating, but first-time director Camille Delamarre's overuse of slo-mo furniture and flashy editing diminishes their collision.
Daniel M. Kimmel(New England Movies Weekly): It's likewise forgettable though that if you carry on see it you may want to serve note of the title so that you put on't accidentally rent it at what time it comes out on DVD.
David Hughes(Empire Magazine): Too a great deal of muscle-headed action, too little parkour (Belle is acquisition on a bit) – this property is condemned.
David Edwards(Daily Mirror [UK]): There are gunfights and car chases galore, but that none of them are especially exciting from the time of the film's characters are thus lazily sketched.
David Aldridge(Radio Times): The pellicle is poorly directed, edited, scripted, acted and everything otherwise, and does scant justice both to Walker's presence and Belle's prodigious informal running skills.
Brian Viner(Daily Mail [UK]): This film lives down to my expectations, through a ludicrous plot involving civic occasion of ~ and a neutron bomb, and a final twist so risible that it for the most part turns the whole thing into a comedy.
Ben Rawson-Jones(Digital Spy): An sordid lack of creativity to the caligraphy and cohesion to the direction scupper ~ one chance of the movie transcending its mundane status.
Michael Dequina( Belle's balletic badassery and RZA's amusingly deviating from the centre criminal cooking connoisseur only go in like manner far to enliven an underwhelming total.
Mike McCahill(Guardian [UK]): The Raid 2 got greatest in quantity of its kicks in situ; this deploys a catalogue of edit-suite trickery to engender only moderate dynamism.
MaryAnn Johanson(Flick Filosopher): This nonsensical and pointlessly convoluted remake of a decade-former French action flick feels dated and audibly of step in more ways than united.
Steve Davis(Austin Chronicle): Unfortunately, Belle's wonderful athletic agility cannot alone sustain this undercooked remake of the solitary slightly more interesting 2004 French pellicle District B13.
Tim Evans(Sky Movies): If you be able to look beyond the preposterous nature of this cartoonish retread, in that place's fun to be had thanks to a series of inventive fable setpieces …
David Jenkins(Little White Lies): Speak considered in the state of you find, it's a superfun frisk, solidly made.
Matthew Turner(The List): Ultimately, this is a specially pointless and badly made remake that fails to improve forward either District 13 or its 2009 succeeding part.
Wesley Morris(Grantland): This is at last a movie about class warfare and convivial oppression that isn't slightly science-fictional. It's veritable, and as dumb as this remake is, it sends you home contemplation.