Bettie Page Reveals All


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Kathryn Laskaris(Toronto Star): Page's simple beauty, charisma and genuine sense of frolic – not to mention her 36-24-37 measurements – get to clearly through in Mori's fable.
Moira MacDonald(Seattle Times): An amateurish and strangely paced documentary, "Bettie Page Reveals All" nonetheless turns lacking to be revealing, if perhaps not in the room for passing its makers intended.
Michael O’Sullivan(Washington Post): The with most propriety thing about this documentary portrait of the darling 1950s pin-up is its meaty relation, courtesy of Page herself, speaking in the frugal, slightly gravelly register of an aging Southern beauty.
Steven Rea(Philadelphia Inquirer): The pellicle offers frank, matter-of-fact commentary that is in a great degree more illuminating than the talking-be pointed encomiums served up by the likes of Perez Hilton, Dita Von Teese, and Hugh Hefner.
John DeFore(Hollywood Reporter): The pellicle's reason for being, al~, is the sound of Page's sound — a worldly, aged Southern drawl — of the same kind with she recounts her life story from minority through retirement.
Mick LaSalle(San Francisco Chronicle): Only at the time that it makes the claim for Page being of the cl~s who a pivotal figure in American civilization does it overstate the case and be suitable to tiresome.
Bill Brownstein(Montreal Gazette): Revealing it is up~ the body so many levels. It is moreover stunning, an exquisite amalgam of vintage thin skin footage and photos from Page's gloriousness days and interviews with Page and friends, group of genera members and experts in the scene of military operations of voyeurism.
Jay Stone( It seems relatively innocent, but such antics were once shocking.
Kelly Vance(East Bay Express): A spanking competent date movie, with the right time, of course.
Amy R. Handler(Film Threat): What makes Mark Mori's film about Page different than those of others is that it captures a interest of her persona previously unrevealed.
Matt Prigge(Metro): It's advantageous as a point of reference but lousy as a movie. It would, however, have made a beautiful coffee stand book.
Michael Sragow(Orange County Register): A scintillating, guileless and empathetic portrait of the pinup queen who attained her greatest power of impelling as an icon of female sexuality decades later she retired.
Dann Gire(Daily Herald (IL)): Mark Mori's documentary Bettie Page Reveals All whisks us end the model's life, examining the basis for her enormous appeal while delving into the conflicting elements that created her allusion.
Chris Hewitt (St. Paul)(St. Paul Pioneer Press): It reveals over much.
Roger Moore(McClatchy-Tribune News Service): Indeed she does, "unveil all."
Josh Bell(Las Vegas Weekly): As a film, Reveals All may be lacking, yet as a historical document (of a character of underground, alternative history), it does exactly that which its title promises.
Leonard Maltin(Leonard Maltin’s Picks): Mark Mori has created a film that, at one time, would bring forth been deemed impossible: a thorough, fair-handed chronicle of the pin-up queen's life.
Marc Mohan(Oregonian): Hearing Page describe her later years of religious employment and mental illness in her have a title to words is the primary appeal.